Get the boys out and on the beers with an all-in-one party night, loaded with fun, food, a few cheeky lap dances, a load of drinking and maybe even a bit of dancing. A cracking way to welcome the boys and get your weekend started.

What You’ll Get

Your Party Planned

Bring the boys to the meet up bar and loosen things up with a couple of beers. Before enjoying a party meal that’s great for groups and with a choice of either a quick ‘n’ easy burger meal or 2 course party meal. Once you’re a little more relaxed, you can really get things going with a couple of fun table games guided by the reps, for those that are up for it! Good way to get everyone talking and great to entertain the lads, whether playing or not.

Then watch the fun unfold and cheer on your mates who are up for joining in a light-hearted game with others groups. After that, you’ll say “see you later ladies” and be guided into a top lap dancing club where you can enjoy the free stage shows, a few drinks and maybe some cheeky private dances.

Finally with guest list entry to the club for the after party, you’ll be just in time to grab another drink and watch the girls go by as they hit the dance floor. Altogether this is one big first night out.

All Included

  • Welcome round of shots
  • Burger meal with beef, chicken or veggie, relish pot, salad garnish & chips
  • Or 2 course party meal with selection of main courses & delicious desserts
  • Fun party bar with music and dance floor
  •  Optional table party games for your group
  • Optional joint group party games to join the fun
  • Pre-paid entry to top lap dancing club
  • Priority entry into Cameo nightclub after party

From £10.00 each

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